May 112012

The last couple of posts referred to the Golden Ears Transition Initiative (GETI). I should probably explain what GETI is.

Golden EarsThe “Golden Ears” part of the title refers to the Vancouver municipality of  Maple Ridge. The Golden Ears mountain summit is visible from most of the municipality (and from much of metro Vancouver), and is used to name many Maple Ridge businesses and features (such as the Golden Ears bridge, which spans the Fraser River between Maple Ridge and Langley).

The “Transition Initiative” part of the title refers to a network of community groups that are interested in addressing problems regarding climate change, energy consumption, food security and related issues. It is based on the premise that solutions to these problems lie in activities undertaken by communities. There are Transition Initiatives all over the place: Village Vancouver, Transition Falmouth in the UK, Transition PDX in Portland, Oregon, and many more all over the world.

GETIThe general principles of the Transition Initiative movement are described by Rob Hopkins in the book The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience.

Transition Initiatives provide a framework that enable community groups to gather under an umbrella. For example, in the Golden Ears Transition Initiative (GETI), there are groups interested in cycling, recycling, farming, water security, arts, and many more topics. Each of these groups is autonomous, but can use the GETI resources (such as the network of people and the website) to attract new members and further their area of interest.

My interest in Transition Initiatives started when I began attending meetings of the Ecological and New Economics Study Group of Village Vancouver. While I continue to attend those meetings (and, holy smokes, am I ever in over my head with that group) I am glad to be involved in a Transition Initiative in my local community (which, after all, is the whole point).

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May 112012

We’ve formed a new Skill Sharing group under the auspices of the Golden Ears Transition Initiative. The idea of the group:

“Some people know how to operate a chainsaw. Others know how to make jam. Sometimes the jam-makers want to be the chainsaw operators and vice-versa.

“Want to learn something? Add it as a comment to the list. Can you teach something? Ditto.”

Anyone is welcome to join. Once we get a group of interested people, we’ll pick a topic and set a date for our first seminar.

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