May 162008

Plebiscite 2004 (Voters)
Creative Commons License photo credit: peterwalshprojects
I normally shy away from public political debate – the water gets too hot. However, the Vancouver Public Space Network has asked mayoral candidates to answer questions about current Vancouver issues (public toilets, parks and public spaces, the Safe Streets Act, the Downtown Ambassadors).

I like this form of political discourse. I find it useful to see the candidates’ answers side-by-side, and I think it gives the candidates the opportunity to articulate substantive ideas (an opportunity that Allen De Genova’s pompous and opinion- and idea-free “blah blah blah my five terms as Park Board Commissioner blah blah blah my intention as mayor blah blah blah” failed to grasp).

Unfortunately, Mayor Sam Sullivan did not participate. (Nor did Raymond Louie.)

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  1. I have a Bill Reid screen-print cloth bnaner (Tsimshian Raven Screen) from the event, retrieved by a friend who was helping with the de-construction of Habitat, and given to me by another friend in the 1980s. I didn’t attend the event as I only moved to Vancouver in 1977. The bnaner wasn’t well looked after before it was given to me and had a bit of staining and one or two small holes, but I’ve had it professionally conserved and it looks really very good. I’m happy for you to use an image of it if you would like to.Kind regards,Jane

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